Thursday, August 11, 2016

Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy: The Case of the Peepshow Phantom!

Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy are back and ready to FUNK. YOU. UP!

Harder Candy Inc. and Spin Cycle present another strip-sleuthing, disco-dragging, Scooby-snatching mystery, "CASE OF THE PEEPSHOW PHANTOM!" Featuring Burlesque, Boylesque, and Drag performances!

9:30pm Door/10pm Curtain

Fresh off their latest mystery ( Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy quickly become entangled in the case of the peepshow phantom. Someone--or something--is scaring all the customers away from Lucinda Ember's peepshow! Can Nasty and Harder put a cap on this case in time to save the peepshow--and catch a matinee of "A Chorus Line"?

Wrtiten by ...Chris Harder and starring NASTY CANASTA Tina Marie Canasta, Pearls Daily, Bootsie Lefaris and... the BOYLESQUE DEBUT of Roi King! Plus, Xanadude JOHNNY VELOUR John Jacob Lee!

SEPT 9 featured "PEEPSHOW" STAR: Julie Atlas Muz!

Sponsored by BK's best badasses Leathernecks Tattoo and the literally well-endowed Bureau of General Services-Queer Division!

Check out for more info and additional show dates!

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