Thursday, August 11, 2016

Speakeasy Dollhouse presents: The Bloody Beginning

I'm excited to be back with my Speakeasy Dollhouse crew for the restaging of "The Bloody Beginning".
Based on a true NYC murder case, “Speakeasy Dollhouse” immerses ...audience in a surreal,
Prohibition-era time capsule featuring mobsters, moonshine, burlesque and more.

Click on the link for show information and the Broadway World Review!

Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy: The Case of the Peepshow Phantom!

Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy are back and ready to FUNK. YOU. UP!

Harder Candy Inc. and Spin Cycle present another strip-sleuthing, disco-dragging, Scooby-snatching mystery, "CASE OF THE PEEPSHOW PHANTOM!" Featuring Burlesque, Boylesque, and Drag performances!

9:30pm Door/10pm Curtain

Fresh off their latest mystery ( Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy quickly become entangled in the case of the peepshow phantom. Someone--or something--is scaring all the customers away from Lucinda Ember's peepshow! Can Nasty and Harder put a cap on this case in time to save the peepshow--and catch a matinee of "A Chorus Line"?

Wrtiten by ...Chris Harder and starring NASTY CANASTA Tina Marie Canasta, Pearls Daily, Bootsie Lefaris and... the BOYLESQUE DEBUT of Roi King! Plus, Xanadude JOHNNY VELOUR John Jacob Lee!

SEPT 9 featured "PEEPSHOW" STAR: Julie Atlas Muz!

Sponsored by BK's best badasses Leathernecks Tattoo and the literally well-endowed Bureau of General Services-Queer Division!

Check out for more info and additional show dates!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Speakeasy Dollhouse has a new show coming to midtown!

I most excited to share that this year I'm getting accomplish one of my dreams and become a Ziegfeld girl!

 I'm joining the cast of "Midnight Frolic" brought to life by Speakeasy Doll house the show investigates the mysterious death of silent film star Olive Thomas and the subsequent trial by press received by her husband actor Jack Pickford. Was her death an accident,suicide or murder?

Tickets are on sale now via Brown paper tickets! Also to learn more about this brilliant show visit the website below:

Twelfth Night and The Launch of Shakespeare Off-Broadway!

Hello friends! Rehearsals for Twelfth Night are going so well,I wanted to take a moment to let you know about The Theatre Project's newest endeavor! We've started a new theatre series that features our repertory company, TP&co. This series is called Shakespeare Off-Broadway and we're dedicated to exposing all types of theatre goers to The Bard's incredible plays. We have developed a way of performing Shakespeare's work that calls to mind the traditional experiences seen in Shakespeare's days at the Royal Globe, with our own modern influences. We're kicking off this series with Twelfth Night, which will be performed at The Players Theatre in the West Village from February 13 - March 7. It's a fantastic production of what is said to be Shakespeare's most beloved comedy! 
As we start Shakespeare Off-Broadway, we are excited to be bringing these plays to the Off-Broadway stage, but we are also thrilled to be exposing so many students to this important work as well! Our work will extend beyond the Off-Broadway stage and into classrooms and schools in order to appropriately expose students to the magic of live theatre. It is TP&co's goal to influence students through the educational impact of theatre and Shakespeare's plays. As we kickoff Shakespeare Off-Broadway, we will also be launching a touring component that will bring our productions from the stage to the classroom. 

We are counting on the support of Friends, Family and Fans to help in making Shakespeare Off-Broadway a success. We're looking to raise $1000 to help us offset production costs and to help us develop additional educational tools to share with students. 

You can help support us by taking a look at our T-Shirt Campaign! For $25.00 you receive the Limited Edition "Bill" tee while donating to Shakespeare Off-Broadway! It's That Easy!

If you are interested in supporting Shakespeare Off-Broadway, you can start by following us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram!

I thank you for your support and hope to see you at Twelfth Night! As a token of my thanks for supporting Shakespeare Off-Broadway, you can get exclusive half-priced tickets to Twelfth Night by clicking on this link!
Thanks for sharing and caring! See you at the show!

Feeling Wicked

In February I will be filling the shoes of one of the wicked step sisters "Charlotte" in Sqouros & Bells "Cinderella"!

Rehearsals are in full swing and performances kick off in February! Sometimes it's fun to be bad!

Up next: Unlimited Nights

This week at Access Theater, Tyler Nye and I are having it out in Project Y Theatre's TechnoPlays series. In Sean Pomposello's UNLIMITED NIGHTS, A play about a couple’s relationship is called into question when they are awakened in the middle of the night by a succession of ominous telephone calls  ...
The short play is part the following performances in the two-part series:
Thursday, January 29th at 8 PM
Saturday, January 31st at 8 PM
Sunday, February 1st at 2 PM

A Wonderful review from "A Christmas Carol" from!

I had the pleasure of doing "A Christmas Carol" Off-Broadway at The Players Theatre this holiday season. Such a great show and a magnificent cast, I was humbled to get this kind review. Please read it below!

"A delightful, very inventive musical adaptation of the classic tale created for family audiences, with a large vibrant cast, led by a terrific scrooge."

Review: A Christmas Carol