Monday, October 15, 2012

New Site. Fresh Projects. My fall on the rise.

To me the fall season is my new year. On every level I find it's always my busiest time for projects and this fall has been no exception. It's always wonderful to see whats new and what people are up to. If anything i have found this fall more exciting than most because i'm trying new things and saying yes to new directions.

From an artistic standpoint it's been a whirlwind of rehearsals and openings! Between the revival of Literally Alives "Cinderella" and the Be Bold Company world premier of "Hollow" i've had the pleasure of revisiting old characters and creating new ones. Each show is filled with such talent and topped off with brilliant sets and costumes. I'm so proud to be a company memeber at the Players Theatre! From the actors to the production team i couldn't be more proud of our fall season.
For ticket and show info please visit or

I've stuck a "paw" if you will into the Burlesque scene. I love "kittening" and i've met so many interesting people. I must give a special thank you to Joe "Joe the Shark" Naftali and "Miss Cherry Delight" (Drea Lorraine) for being such amazing people and for being so instrumental in helping me get started. Joe is the producer for Sharkbite Side Show. Be sure to check out his page on facebook because he puts on a really swell show and "Miss Cherry Delight" i'm proud to say is the Current "Miss Coney Island" and Hosts two fabulous shows twice a month at Duane Park. Infact, i will be part of her show this Thursday "Cabaret des Illusion" at Duane Park. Show is at 8:30pm. For more information visit

In September I shot the "Pepsi Fizz" Campaign. It was an incredible expirience and a landmark moment in my career. Stay tuned for my face in 2013. Exciting Stuff!!!

And last but not least I'm proud to share that i've been flexing my business muscles and have taken on one of my most challenging roles to date and that role is the "Creative Director" for Proper Ettiquette Modern Vintage. It's been challenging and exciting to take my love for fashion and combine it with costuming. There is nothing more exciting than seeing actors bring charcters to life in your creations and the company made it's Off-Broadway debut with The Theatre Projects "Barbicide" a new play that puts a spin on Sweeny Todd. The show has been getting rave reviews and the costumes were hailed as "Outstanding" which of course makes me blush. It's a must see show. Check out

With so much going on presently and with so much on the horizon i can't express how grateful i am to be surrounded by so many awesome people and such cool projects.

So here's to fall! Here's to keeping busy and chasing your dreams! Not to mention discovering some new ones along the way.

xo Brianna

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